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Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD) is a highly refined distillate that contains the broad spectrum of cannabinoids that the market is increasingly demanding. CRD was developed to remain a flowable liquid in its natural form without additives.

Crystal Resistant Distillate has found a wide range of applications. Many customers use CRD as a distillate for products such as topical creams and tinctures where a high minor cannabinoid content is desired.



500g+ is made to order, 100g and under are on the stock and ready to ship if in stock. We do our best to keep products on our shelf and ready to pour for orders but occasionally we may need to source more from our labs before we can fulfill your order. Thank you for supporting our small business!

Please always consult with a medical doctor before administering any hemp and cannabinoid products.

You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product. Do not drive or operate any machinery while using this product. Do not use if pregnant, nursing, or if you have any diagnosed or un-diagnosed health conditions. Consult a physician before using this product. Gilded Extracts LLC is not responsible for knowing whether this product is legal in your state or territory and you assume full responsibility for all liabilities pertaining to your purchase.

This product contains industrial (Lab Tested) hemp (Hemp Distillate) that was made pursuant to state and federal law (Containing not more than 0.3% delta-9 THC on a dry weight basis) by licensed processors in accordance with the industrial Hemp provisions of the Agricultural Act of 2014 (known as the "Farm Act") and its state law counterparts thus it is not subject to regulation, or control, under the Federal Controlled Substances Act.


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  • 5
    Very good product

    Posted by Dan McNa on 8th Nov 2023

    I love using it to thin out other blends, very nice alternative to CBC

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Tyler on 16th Oct 2023

    Has a nice hemp taste and mixes well with MCT oil for tinctures. Thanks for the great products you provide. Gilded will definitely be my go to shop for CBD products in the future.

  • 5
    Great Quality

    Posted by Joseph G on 19th Sep 2023

    Very high quality, easy to work with. Would make a good addition to blends I would bet. Vapes nice.

  • 5
    Decent alternative to the gvb crd

    Posted by Brandon on 21st Jul 2023

    This stuff smells good af and is almost a liquid at room temp. I can't wait to mix some carts up with this and some other noids

  • 5
    great additive for cnoid to blends, and alone on its own

    Posted by shady shoals on 3rd Jul 2023

    I've used CRD for blends to add back in a good cbd ratio, as well as other adjacent noids in the mix (cbn,cbg,etc.) Has a really distinctive taste that I have enjoyed since day 1. A while back, I made a CRD disposable for work to help take the edge off.

  • 2
    CRD tastes like an ashtray

    Posted by Michael Bellamy on 26th Jun 2023

    I just received my 30g of this, and the smell is nothing like the disty from mcn, this stuff smeels foul to me, like it's been burnt. I just taste something like ashtray when I was expecting minty, earthy, pine type of smell, sorry but the only note I can detect beyond acrid is earthy. I'm sure it works, but I can't stand my nail rig smelling like it

  • 5
    Amazing value on ready to vape cbd

    Posted by Garret on 22nd Jun 2023

    Not sure if we can mention other brands here but it tastes identical to a very popular brands “happy” cbd blend. Even just 25-33% of this with delta8 really changes everything. delicious hemp terpenes that smell like cedar

  • 5
    CRD Disty

    Posted by Geoffrey Groves on 20th Jun 2023

    Best CBD to date, a little on the smelly side but effects are incredible.

  • 5
    Honey cbd

    Posted by Cbd on 19th May 2023

    This cbd destilate offer gr8 honey taste, nice relaxation feeling for good price, like all gilded products this one worth the money ✌️