The Ultimate Phytocannabinoid

THCP has been noted in studies to have exceptional affinity to both CB1 and CB2 receptors. THCP was estimated to have 33 times the binding affinity of Delta 9 THC. This does not mean it is 33 times stronger than THC but it is SIGNIFICANTLY stronger. We have multiple THCP strengths to choose from.

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Prepare for The Best Edible Cannabinoid Experience

Are you tired of nasty, low potency edibles that only leave you feeling disappointed? Get ready for the BEST edible cannabinoid experience money can buy. DELICIOUS, POTENT, SMALL-BATCH EDIBLES MADE IN TEXAS! COMING THIS SUMMER: THCo, THCV, HHC, Full Spectrum, and more!


Premium Distillates

We work with industry leaders to aquire the highest quality distillates in the market at the best rates so we can pass the savings on to you! We offer Delta 8, Hexahydrocannabinol, Cannabidiol Distillate, H4CBD, and more! We aim to offer competitive rates on every product. Reach out about BULK ordering discounts!

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These Terpenes are distilled live, fresh out of the field within a few hours of harvest. This allows for the Ultimate Flavor, Clarity, Value and Smoothness!

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High R HHCv Distillate

Hydrogenated THCv; a unique varin experience

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Why Choose Gilded?

Reputable Sources

Let’s face it – there is a lot of hemp companies out there. Consumers have a lot of choice when it comes to where they can get their cannabinoids. What is lacking in this industry is transparency, accessible pricing and a place that consumers can trust for ALL of their hemp related needs. Here at Gilded, we aim to bring a premium hemp experience to our customers without charging an exorbitant price. In order to do this we have strategically partnered with experienced manufacturers such as GVB Biopharma, HAU Processing, MC Nutraceuticals and LulaCBD to source the highest quality bulk cannabinoids and consumer products for our customers.

Craft Cannabinoids, Accessible Prices, Premium Care.

We strive to be the leading source for Premium Hemp Cannabinoids. Here at Gilded we have a customer first approach. Before we stock any items, we make sure to try them ourselves to ensure that we are selling only the highest quality hemp products. In fact, we make sure that each product undergoes continued usage by one of our team members to ensure that our rigid quality standards are met. That means that you can rest assured knowing that anything you buy from Gilded is quality, and approved of by REAL humans who care. ❤️

We love working with Denton Delights to bring you the best edibles experience. Denton Delights is very talented in making bioavailable,  homogenous, and tasty edibles that provide consistent and potent effects to consumers. We are proud to support a fellow disabled owned and operated business.

Best-Selling Consumer Products

Best-Selling Bulk Raw Cannabinoids

Recent Reviews


"Very strong effect wise, very very strong. Will have you high for hours dabbed alone. Blending mine down to 7% and still shocked with effects. Definitely going to be a reoccurring purchase."


"This was really nice, potent and clean. I mixed with hhc/Cbn and that was really nice and strong. The effects last longer than normal hhc. It is very thin and runny almost like cbc but a little more. Great product gilded comes thru always"

Classic OG Flavor, Perfectly Balanced

"I received these terpenes as a free sample with the other terpenes I ordered. Flavor is a good balance between the more pleasant berry/citrus/sandalwood flavors and more abrasive gas/fuel/skunk notes. If you can't picture that, it tastes like a really flavorful cut of OG Kush. Does not stink up the whole room the way a lot of skunky steam distilled CDTs do, which is a bonus. Effect definitely evokes some of the O.G. headspace when mixed with distillate - happy, a good balance between relaxation/stimulation, a little focused and creative, and most importantly chill. Definitely can feel the high caryophyllene and limonene percentages in this one."

Can't beat the price

"If you are hesitant like I was, don't be. If you have a tolerance, or just want to make whatever concentrate you have stronger, just add some of this cbc. Better prices from these guys than any brand I can think of, including the Top dogs."