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Enki's Terpenoids
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Our Terpenes come in 1ml increments in 2ml vials. If you order 2mls of the same strain we will combine it into 1 2ml vial.

Enki's Terpenoids have no contaminants, fillers, or adulterations. Safe to use in a diffuser or as enhancers to your products like edibles, supplements, and vapables.

You should not ingest pure terpenes. It is recommended to dilute the terpenes into a product of your choosing.

These are Live Hemp Terpenes extracted in Oregon.


Please always consult with a medical doctor before administering any hemp and cannabinoid products.

You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product. Do not drive or operate any machinery while using this product. Do not use if pregnant, nursing, or if you have any diagnosed or un-diagnosed health conditions. Consult a physician before using this product. Gilded Extracts LLC is not responsible for knowing whether this product is legal in your state or territory and you assume full responsibility for all liabilities pertaining to your purchase.

This product contains industrial (Lab Tested) hemp (Cannabis Terpenes) that was made pursuant to state and federal law (Containing not more than 0.3% delta-9 THC on a dry weight basis) by licensed processors in accordance with the industrial Hemp provisions of the Agricultural Act of 2014 (known as the "Farm Act") and its state law counterparts thus it is not subject to regulation, or control, under the Federal Controlled Substances Act.


  • 5
    Super Sour Space Candy

    Posted by I.G. on 2nd Jul 2022

    Taste is similar to Durban Poison with the licorice / high terpinolene notes, but also some heavy key lime and gas notes too. Effect when added to distillate is more relaxing than I expected it to be, but it has a nice happy and creative vibe.

  • 5
    Super Sour Space Candy

    Posted by Phil on 2nd Jul 2022

    I am impressed. I Wasn't sure about HDTs so buddy was I surprised with the flavor and effects of this. So sour and delicious, like freshly poured Sprite bubbling carbonation and citrus deep into your nose. Very uplifting and relaxing, I love it in a blend of CBD,CBG, and CBC for a nonpsychoative but really enjoyable calming effect.

  • 5

    Posted by DrizzleHead on 2nd Jul 2022

    My brothers and sisters and others in cryst This is the purest shit imaginable. Pure as the driven snow 100%. It lifted me above conshusness and my lyfe almost fell apart but not yet cuz thx to LB im still floatin above it. Lovve LB. Love getting LIFTD. GET liftd wit LIFTR. Official sacr3d t3xt:

  • 5
    Suver Haze

    Posted by Kuma K. on 2nd Jul 2022

    Complex and sophisticated. Don't sleep on it. My nose has been kinda actin up but I can still pull off a rough flavor profile. It's herbal and spicy with an aroma of black pepper but not burn your nose levels of black pepper. Earthy woods and warm herbal tones. there's a hint of fruit and citrus in the back just enough to make this one very complex roller coaster of flavor and scent. it's so smooth. it's soooo smooth.... it's like fudge that melts in your mouth but for your airways and sinuses. I do have mine terped at 5%. it's very rich and I wonder how it would be at like a 4%. 5% is delicious though. sometimes less can be more. Sadly in this case I will have to wait to try less terps from a cart, but I could easily try it through the seahorse. my brain feels like the pop topped and all the pressure went away. very lifted. happy. lightweight. a lot of background noise is gone. I do be feeling dizzy but that's a plus for me sometimes. I feel very relaxed and untensed. I can hit this from seahorse AND cart directly without coughing on around 4 .1 volts on the seahorse pro? The high setting. Don't make any plans with this one. You'll be zoning out.

  • 4
    Sour Space Candy

    Posted by Jay on 2nd Jul 2022

    Pretty solid, but not perfect. This does a good job of tasting clean and pops without tasting not so much like the hdts, pretty clean, nice to add into something smoother for a top. Really REALLY flavorful.

  • 4
    Sour Hawaiian Haze

    Posted by Bradley G. on 2nd Jul 2022

    Impressive, Fruity floral orange with a pungent funk were the GG#4 lineage shines. I’ve been sticking to CDTs but I heard these were great and they are the best hemp derived I’ve tried.

  • 5
    Sour Hawaiian Haze

    Posted by Nate S on 2nd Jul 2022

    Super fruity to me, and all around amazing. Really reminds me of one of my favorite flowers: Honolulu Haze

  • 5
    Sour Hawaiian Haze - BEST HDT I'VE TRIED

    Posted by Sirkit Br8ker on 2nd Jul 2022

    I was given this product for free to evaluate because of my trusted position in the community and my unbiased feedback.* Shipping was fast (couple of days), this was my first experience with Gilded Extracts, so I don't have any other orders to compare to (yet, I will be buying more). Ok, for starters, I'm pretty biased towards CDT. I mostly only buy CO2 and ultra-refined CDT, so I am comparing these terps to those. Overall, I would give these an 8/10. I have had better for sure, but I have also had worse from Clear Nation, for example. At first, open these smell like straight up CDT. No way these are hemp, lol. If you told me otherwise, I'd believe you. I've had a few other hemp terps, and they all have had this hay smell. These, on the other hand, are something else. I batched up a week ago and made one fresh cart. The rest steeped for a week. At first, the fresh cart had a light flowery taste, slightly gassy, notes of spice, and a pleasant after-taste. After steeping, things became much more balanced. I noticed a lil more skunkyness come thru, which was mixed with fruity deliciousness. There's this lovely, complex funk that pops on the exhale, very nice. Compared to something like Clear Nation, these are pretty damn good. These may be my new go-to instead of CN/TR, simply for their value. They aren't as gassy/skunky as CN, but damn close. For the money, you can't go wrong; I highly recommend!

  • 5
    Sour Special Sauce - Unique Flavor

    Posted by Dylan S on 2nd Jul 2022

    Took a shot in the dark with terps ive never tried before, but after much research into Gilded & talking with Landon, this is defiantly the company to go with. Great products, quality, & customer service, Highly reccomended