Delta 8 Distillate: Common Questions, Answered

Delta 8 Distillate: Common Questions, Answered

1st Aug 2023

Tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC, is one of two major cannabinoids contained in hemp plants, the other being CBD.

But did you know that there is not just one “form” of THC? There are many.

The best known of these is Delta 9 THC, which is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis products - but there are over 100 other THC-related compounds in cannabis.

One of these, which is growing in popularity, is Delta 8 THC, which is commonly extracted and contained in delta-8 distillates.

Here are some of the top questions, answered.

What Is Delta 8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is a compound that naturally occurs in cannabis plants, although it occurs in only very small quantities.

While small quantities of delta 8 THC can be found in the plant, it can also be produced, and concentrated, in a lab.

Delta-9 and Delta-8 THC are chemically identical in all respects save one; Delta-9 has a ninth carbon atom with a double bond whereas delta-8 only has an eighth, also with a double bond.

Both show binding affinity to the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system, though Delta-9 has higher affinity.

Does Delta 8 Distillate Get You High?

Delta-8 like delta-9 cleaves to CB1 and CB2 bind sites, though it is not as potent as delta-9. Consequently, users do report that delta-8 can get you high but report the effects to be milder than those of delta-9.

With that said, the same factors will influence the sort of “high” you experience from delta-8, including your tolerance and frequency of use, the potency of your distillate, and the overall dosage.

What Is Delta 8 Distillate Used for?

Delta-8 distillate has a wide range of different uses. It can be consumed as a liquid, dropper-style, sublingually. It can also be used as an ingredient in edibles.

Delta-8 distillate can also be vaped, making it popular with vapers. Because Delta 8 is made from a purified distillate, it will lack the usual terpene taste most vapers enjoy. Cannabis and hemp derived terpenes can be added to provide the desired flavor profile.

Delta-8 THC in general, distillate form or otherwise, is used for:

  • Pain relief
  • Anxiety and stress relief
  • To reduce nausea/improve the appetite
  • To improve sleep quality
  • For relaxation/to produce a euphoric feeling

One of the reasons distillates are so popular is that they enable precise dosage control, regardless of how you use them.

What Is the Difference Between Isolate and Distillate?

Both THC isolates and distillates are separate forms of concentrates produced from cannabis plants, and they are both very potent, but they are not the same.

THCA isolate usually takes the form of a white crystal or powder. It is highly purified and can be as pure as 99% THCA, though it will convert to about 87% THC.

Because it is so highly refined, it is also odorless and tasteless, since the terpenes and flavonoids responsible for flavor and odor have been removed from it.

THC distillate by contrast is a highly viscous oil that generally ranges from colorless to golden. It is usually not highly scented, because like isolate, most of the terpenes have been removed.

Is Distillate More Potent?

It depends on the THC concentration, but yes, distillates are very potent. For instance, the delta-8 THC concentration of our delta-8 distillate is 90.31%. You can see the Certificate of Analysis from GreenLeafLab via the previous link.

How Is Distillate Extracted?

Extracts can be produced in a variety of different ways, but distillates are usually produced by heating a liquid up to a certain temperature that causes a certain compound to vaporize (in this case, delta-8 THC), but not so hot that it denatures the target compound.

These vapors are then sequestered and re-condensed back into a liquid, which helps to separate them from the undesirable components that were present in the initial blend.

How Do You Shop for Quality Delta 8 Distillate?

There are multiple ways to ascertain the quality of a delta-8 THC distillate. One is to review the CoA (Certificate of Analysis) to determine its concentration levels as well as if it passed testing for metals and other impurities.

Another is to consider the source of the distillate. We produce our distillates and extracts using only the finest ingredients and follow stringent quality control measures.

You can also consider brand reputation and customer reviews. Gilded Extracts has cultivated a solid brand reputation in our industry and have garnered a broad swath of positive customer reviews.

Why Our Delta 8 Distillate?                          Delta 8 Distillate

Just read the reviews on our GVB Delta 8 distillate via the previous link. They’re all positive and fairly detailed.

But don’t take our word for it. According to our customers, our distillate:

  • Is very strong while producing unbelievably smooth hits.
  • Is less harsh on the throat.
  • And exhibits top-shelf quality.

Do you still have questions before buying? We are here to help. Feel free to get in touch with us at